CuraGen Corporation

CuraGen Corporation is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to improving the lives of patients by developing novel pharmaceutical products that address unmet medical needs. CuraGen's deep understanding of the human genome has enabled us to gain greater insight into the molecular basis of disease. Our therapeutics are based on novel targets from the human genome that play a role in proven mechanisms underlying disease. We have translated this understanding into a broad pipeline of protein, antibody, and small molecule drugs in the areas of oncology, inflammatory diseases, and diabetes. The Company's strategy continues to be focused on advancing its pipeline of promising therapeutics through clinical and preclinical development.

CuraGen was founded when the massive undertaking to sequence the human genome was just beginning. Our strategy was based on discovering novel ways to combat disease through an understanding of how genes and their resulting proteins function within the human genome. We developed an integrated genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics technology platform that has been used to analyze the human genome, disease models, and therapeutic candidates. This approach has led to the identification of disease-related genes and therapeutic targets with the subsequent development of novel pharmaceutical products. Today, CuraGen remains one of the leading genomics-based pharmaceutical companies in the industry with a pipeline of protein, antibody, and small molecule therapeutics. The Company is located in New Haven and Branford, CT.

At CuraGen, our employees are systematically developing a pipeline of novel pharmaceutical products to address unmet medical needs. Our unique team-based approach has made us a leader, and we're looking for passionate, self-motivated and innovative individuals to add to our team.

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