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FMV-Intelligence Image Analyst 2 (2655646)
Location: St. Louis, Missouri - United States
Posted: 2/8/2019

FMV-Intelligence Image Analyst 2

Position Description

The Boeing Company has a requirement for contract services to provide subject matter expertise (SME). The primary mission is to provide national policymakers with the most accurate and up-to-date geospatial intelligence, thereby helping them with decisions affecting national security issues. The SMEs shall be responsible for analyzing and integrating geospatial intelligence from all collection sources available, to include counterterrorism assessments supporting special operations. Personnel will operate in a 24x7 shift work environment, providing hands-on full-motion imagery analysis, producing intelligence on counterterrorism issues. The work will be performed in the St. Louis, Mo area.



[ + ] Adaptability

Generally understands changes in own and others' work-group tasks and situations as well as the logic or basis for change; generally seeks information about changes affecting own and fellow employees' jobs. Treats changes and new situations as opportunities for learning or growth; focuses on the beneficial aspects of change; speaks positively about the change to work group members, direct supervisor, and occasionally members of others work groups. Quickly modifies behavior to deal effectively with changes in the work environment; readily tries new approaches appropriate for new or changed situations; does not persist with ineffective behaviors.

[ + ] Communication

Generally clarifies purpose and importance; stresses major points; follows a logical sequence. Usually keeps the audience engaged through use of techniques such as analogies, illustrations, humor, an appealing style, body language, and voice inflection. Frames the message in line with audience experience, background, and expectations; uses terms, examples, and analogies that are meaningful to the audience. Generally seeks input from audience; checks understanding; presents message in different ways to enhance understanding. Uses syntax, pace, volume, diction, and mechanics appropriate to the media being used. Accurately interprets messages from others and responds appropriately.

[ + ] Continuous Improvement

Reviews a variety of processes to identify gaps between requirements and current outputs within own and occasionally within other work groups. Identifies potential conditions that contribute to gaps or key variances; explores relationships between conditions and effects; distinguishes causes from symptoms and identifies primary causes. Generates ideas for solutions; analyzes the effect or impact of each solution; selects appropriate solutions. Tests solutions; gathers feedback on effectiveness; reviews impact on baseline measures; modifies solutions as appropriate to ensure effectiveness.

[ + ] Customer Focus

Considers customers and their needs when performing and/or working with others on routine tasks; supports others and occasionally becomes directly involved in developing and sustaining customer relationships; assists more experienced employees in seeking information to understand customers' circumstances, problems, expectations, and needs; prepares information which more experienced employees will share with customers to build their understanding of issues and capabilities; considers how day-to-day actions or plans affect customers; responds quickly to help others address customer needs and resolve problems.

[ + ] Decision Making

Recognizes a variety of issues, problems, or opportunities in own and occasionally in other work groups and determines whether action is needed; identifies the need for and collects information to better understand issues, problems, and opportunities. Generally integrates information from a variety of sources; detects general trends, associations, and cause-effect relationships. Creates relevant options for addressing problems/opportunities and achieving desired outcomes. Generally formulates clear decision criteria; evaluates options by considering implications and consequences; chooses an effective option. Implements decisions or initiates action within a reasonable time. Generally includes work group members, direct supervisor, and occasionally members of others work groups in the decision-making process as warranted to obtain good information, make the most appropriate decisions, and ensure buy-in and understanding of the resulting decisions.

[ + ] Information Monitoring

Identifies processes or areas within own work and other work groups that need to be monitored and the information to be obtained. Supports the establishment of systems to monitor routine activities or outputs that are easy to use and that provide timely and pertinent information. Assists in implementing monitoring systems with minimal interruption for other organizational processes; collects and reviews data on a regular basis to determine progress, anticipate needs, and recommend necessary adjustments to personnel or processes within own and other work groups.

[ + ] Innovation

Generally identifies assumptions in the way problems or situations of moderate scope and complexity are defined or presented. Sees alternative ways to view or define problems; is not constrained by the thoughts or approaches of work group members or inter-organizational employees. Generally draws upon multiple and diverse sources (individuals, disciplines, bodies of knowledge) for ideas and inspiration. Combines ideas in unique ways or makes connections between disparate ideas; explores different lines of thought. Views situations from multiple perspectives; brainstorms multiple approaches/solutions. Examines some potential solutions and evaluates each before accepting any; targets important areas for innovation and develops solutions that address meaningful issues in own and other work areas.

[ + ] Systems Thinking

Generally evaluates job tasks and processes on how well they help meet work group objective(s); attempts to identify non-value-adding components and barriers. Seeks input from others within work group and occasionally other internal employees to evaluate options for change and encourage buy-in. Supports changes to job/role structures and processes by communicating effectively and focusing on new skill development. Participates in measurement systems to monitor the implementation.


[ + ] Analytical Skills

Skill and ability to: collect, organize, synthesize, and analyze data; summarize findings; develop conclusions and recommendations from appropriate data sources at the work group level.

[ + ] Government Interface

General knowledge of relevant government agencies and processes as well as current issues (e.g., governmental, international, industrial) impacting functional responsibilities of the occupation.

Typical Education/Experience

Bachelor's degree and typically 2 or more years' related work experience or a Master's degree or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Other Job related information

Required Skills: a) Background in terrorism issues, b) Strong knowledge of soft copy exploitation functionalities, c) Demonstrated oral and written communication skills, d) Knowledge and proficiency in both commercial and government software. Imagery Analysts considered for this position should have a working knowledge of the following systems and software programs: REMOTEVIEW, IEC, NES and common office software to include PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, word processing and email, e) Attended either the Geospatial Intelligence Training Program or equivalent, f) Four years imagery analysis experience in the Intelligence Community at the national level, (g) Knowledgeable on the imagery collection process, (h) Knowledgeable on multi-spectral imagery exploitation. This position is contingent upon contract award. Applicants MUST include their Security Clearance Level, Investigation Type and Investigation Date clearly on their resume.

Additional Requirments / Information

Job Capacity:Employee (full-time)
Minimum Education Level:See Job Description
Visa Sponsorship: No
Related Industries:Information Technology
The Boeing Company is the world’s largest aerospace company and the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft.

The global reach of the company includes customers in 145 countries, employees in more than 60 countries and operations in 26 states. Worldwide, Boeing and its subsidiaries employ more than 198,000 people with Boeing World Headquarters in Chicago and major operations in the Seattle area of Washington state; Southern California; Wichita, Kan.; and St. Louis, Mo.

Boeing has been the world leader in commercial flight for more than 40 years. The main commercial products consist of the 717, 737, 747, 757, 767, and 777 families of jetliners and the Boeing Business Jet. The company has more than 11,000 commercial jetliners in service worldwide.

In the commercial space industry, Boeing revolutionized precision navigation by building the first 40 Global Positioning System satellites and has a contract to build much of the next-generation GPS system. Boeing is teamed with partners from Russia, Ukraine and Norway on Sea Launch, which launches satellites from a mobile platform in the Pacific Ocean near the equator. Boeing makes the Delta II and III expendable launch vehicles and is developing the Delta IV family of launch vehicles.
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