Manager 1 - Facilities / Engineering (2655663)
Location: San Pablo, California - United States
Posted: 11/13/2019

Manager 1 - Facilities / Engineering

Unit Description: Position is responsible for the managing, collecting data and facilitating the Environment of Care and Safety Program elements related to documenting, developing, recording Life Safety standards, OSHA standards, Policies and Procedures. This is demonstrated through the actions of this position in daily activities such as: monitoring compliance matrices, reviewing documented logs for accuracy and completion, communicating required actions necessary to complete compliance records to Supervisors, Managers and Directors, touring areas for oversight of safety and evaluating compliance standards, developing policies and procedures through interaction with staff and other managers. Skills associated or required for this position encompass; self-direction, developing goals and objectives, discipline for initiating action and follow-up for problematic issues which arise. The position will also be responsible to self-manage the EOC/Safety Programs and Standards as developed by Sodexo, client and other regulatory agencies. The position will be able to drive the EOC/Safety Programs through his own initiatives and provide solutions and actions for challenges and problems which arise during this engagement. The role and responsibility of this position will require independent thinking and actions through sound judgment and decision due to the isolated nature of this position, notwithstanding Sodexo resources and personnel will be available to support the employee. This position will rely heavily on Policy and Procedure and Regulatory Standards to support those decisions and the development of sound judgments. Matter of significance may be proper handling of hazardous waste, proper training procedures, protocol development and documenting for monitoring of a gas or hazardous element.....all will require incumbent to review Policies & Procedures, develop Policy & Procedure/Standards and reference regulatory journals and standards for compliance and decisive action/independent thinking.
Job Description:

Position Summary: Supervises hourly staff providing facilities maintenance and
engineering services to clients. Responsible for work force planning, QA
training, and administrative functions of the designated area of supervision.
May report to GM in smaller accounts, or to an Ops Manager in a larger account,
or to another manager level.

Basic Education Requirement: High School Diploma or GED
Position Posting Title: Manager - Facilities

Additional Requirments / Information

Job Capacity:Employee (full-time)
Minimum Education Level:See Job Description
Visa Sponsorship: No
Related Industries:Management
Sodexo strives to make every day a better day for the people and the communities we serve, and a better world for future generations. As a leading provider of food and facilities management services throughout North America, we are committed to continuing to lead our industry in addressing the challenges that are impacting our communities.

Our mission is to create and offer services that contribute to a more pleasant way of life for people wherever and whenever they come together. Being socially responsible is central to this commitment and the reason why we have become the first company in our industry to endorse the Global Sullivan Principles of Social Responsibility.

Through education, training, and rewarding best practices you can apply your abilities in your current specialty, or expand your ambitions into countless other disciplines where we provide service. With locations all across North America, you can build the career you want almost anywhere you want.

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