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Registered Nurse - RN - GI Lab (43747628)
Location: Billings, Montana - United States
Posted: 10/20/2017

Registered Nurse - RN - GI Lab

<DIV>In this position, the Registered Nurse, through care, counseling and curative measures, is responsible for ensuring that the patient has adequate information to make health decisions, coordination of total care and assisting the patient in reaching the ultimate goal of self-care in order to support health, life, and the quality of life. </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV><B>Essential Duties and Responsibilities</B></DIV> <DIV><B>Spiritual and Healing Environment</B></DIV> <UL type=disc> <LI>Develops a holistic approach to health and wellness by integrating the physical, psychosocial, cultural and spiritual needs of each individual throughout the continuum of care and in all settings <LI>Develops a therapeutic relationship with the patient/family and creates an environment for healing and learning to occur. <LI>Responds to comfort needs of the patient and patient/family requests for health information</LI></UL> <DIV><B>Clinical Knowledge and Decision-Making Ability</B></DIV> <UL type=disc> <LI>Integrates and internalizes theoretical knowledge into clinical expertise <LI>Develops focused assessment and critical thinking skills and utilizes evidence-based research to guide practice and enhance positive patient outcomes. <LI>Develops and modifies individualized plans of care; communicates changes in the plan of care to the patient and healthcare team.</LI></UL> <DIV><B>Collaboration and Professional Responsibility</B></DIV> <UL type=disc> <LI>Systematically evaluates the quality and effectiveness of nursing care and participates in individual and collective activities to improve patient care and the healthcare environment.  <LI>Participates in the advancement of the nursing profession through contributions to practice, education, administration, and research.</LI></UL><UL> <LI>Graduate of an accredited School of Nursing <LI>Current Montana Registered Nurse licensure <LI>Certification in Basic Life Support <LI>Ability to communicate effectively and diplomatically within a multi-functional team <LI>Strong organizational skills and attention to detail <LI>Ability to successfully function in a fast paced, service oriented environment <LI>Experience in understanding and usage of computers and ability to learn new programs</LI></UL> <P style="MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0px; MARGIN-TOP: 0px"><FONT face=Arial> </FONT></P> <img src=""/>

Additional Requirments / Information

Job Capacity:Employee (full-time)
Minimum Education Level:See Job Description
Visa Sponsorship: No
Related Industries:Nursing
No Profile Available

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