Principle Perfusionist (52979049)
Location: Los Angeles, California - United States
Posted: 8/20/2019

Principle Perfusionist

ResponsibilitiesThe Perfusionist is daily
supervised and given routine work assignment and responsibilities by the
Director. Routine patient care is under the direction of the Director and the
Attending Cardiac Surgeon. Under the order of the Attending physician, the
Perfusionist provides patient care in the form of support services of
extracorporeal circulation and/or oxygenation, myocardial and/or organ
protection and preservation, blood component and drug/fluid administration.
This includes assembly and operation of the heart-lung machine and
extracorporeal circuits, operation of heater, coolers and cardioplegia delivery
system, also blood concentrators, coagulation monitors, and long -tern assist
devices, etc. This may include operation of devices such as adult IABP, VAS,
responsibilities including overseeing protocols, competencies, staff
assessments and preparing and presenting lectures for in house staff.
Knowledge, skills, and ability
to operate all routine equipment, special devices, monitors.
Advanced knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry.
Knowledge of several cardiac disease, defects and congenital anomalies.
Knowledge of a variety of organ preservations.
Knowledge of sterile and perfusion supplies: extracorporeal oxygenators, tubing
circuits, and cannulae for adult, pediatric and infants.
Advanced knowledge of arteries, veins, organs, and specific paths of blood flow
throughout the body, of pressures and gas exchange within the body adult,
pediatric and infant patients
Knowledge of blood components, plasma composition of the human body and use of
blood products in association of support by extracorporeal circuits and
Ability to follow orders, take directions, and implement written perfusion
protocols. Utilize formula and applied mathematics in associated application of
perfusion protocols.
Ability to communicate clearly and effectively during operation of
extracorporeal support devices and providing patient care. Ability to write
clearly and neatly while recording patient data and performing other clinical
and other tasks.
Ability to organize and prioritize patient care needs while performing several
tasks at once in a clinical setting.
Ability to learn and apply JCAHO, CDC, and AABB standards and protocols that
apply to operating room procedures and departmental policies and protocols.
Knowledge of sterile techniques in the delivery of patient care.
Ability and knowledge of medical and perfusion terminology to converse freely.
Ability to conduct literature search of a medical topic from a biomedical
library using Medline search programs.
Ability to work and cooperate in a flexible manner in the delivery of patient
care demonstrating a cohesive team approach.
Ability to work flexible long hours during the day and night. Ability to take
calls and report to work in a timely manner.

Ability to lift, move, push and pull heavy objects and equipment weighing from
60 to 350lbs.
Ability to spend 95% or working
time seating, stooping, standing, reaching up and down, handling equipment and
supplies carefully and safely.
Ability to teach and demonstrate ideas of routine scientific application.
Ability to conduct oneself in a healthy and professional manner regarding
sterile dress code etiquette and communicate in a professional manner.
Requirements: Graduate of an
accredited Perfusion program. Frequent-Variety of Heart-Lung Machines,
Centrifugal Pumps, IABP, Implantable Ventricular Assist Devices, Intraoperative
Autotransfusion Devices, Blood Saturation Monitors, Hemodynamic Pressure
Transducers, ECMO, Anticoagulation monitors.
Degree: BA/BS Certification: ABCP and CPR
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Additional Requirments / Information

Job Capacity:Employee (full-time)
Minimum Education Level:See Job Description
Visa Sponsorship: No
Related Industries:Ambulatory Health Care Services

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