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High Demand Jobs that Pay Well Over $50,000 a Year

Are you trying to decide on a college major? Want to pursue a job that pays well, is in high demand, and has great job security? Would you like to choose a career that can support a family, and you won’t have much trouble finding a job upon your college graduation? Here are five jobs that pay well over $50,000 a year, and have a fantastic job outlook for 2011 and beyond.

High Demand Job that Pays Well #1: Pharmacist

As our nation’s baby boomers grow older, the demand for pharmacists will continue to grow. According to, the starting salary for pharmacists is at least $80,000/year and can be as high as $120,000/year or more.

Pharmacists must be very detail oriented, and able to notice mistakes quickly. Please read “A Day in the Life of a Pharmacist: What to Consider When Choosing This Career” for advice. Some of the responsibilities of a pharmacist include advising doctors on the dosage and side effects of medication, answering patient’s questions, and helping patients choose over the counter drugs. In essence, a pharmacists brain will serve as a computer for drug interactions, dosage requirements and much more.

To become a pharmacist, you must first go to college, preferably following a pre-phamacy plan with courses in chemistry, biology and more. Most pharmacists, but not all, will earn a bachelor’s degree before going to pharmacy school. While the major of pharmacy students have an undergrad degree in science, there are some that have degrees in unrelated fields such as sociology and English.

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