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How to Relocate for a Job or Internship

Moving can be stressful. Job searching can be stressful. Moving and job searching at the same time? Crazy! Sometimes, relocating for a job or internship is necessary. Maybe the area you’re from has a high unemployment rate or lacks opportunities in your field; or maybe you’ve always dreamed of working in technology in San Francisco or in government in Washington, D.C.

Whatever your reason for relocating, here are some tips to job search in an unfamiliar area:

1. Check local job sites. There are often multiple job sites specific to any given city, and you can use Google to find them. A quick search of “find jobs in Chicago,” for example, brings you to and, among others. Use these sites to find jobs in a specific area.

Another great local resource is the jobs section of that area’s paper—almost any city paper has this section, and most come with great job-search advice, too.

2. Network. Networking is the “holy grail” of any job search, especially one in a different city. Take advantage of any connections you have in your desired location—maybe they’re in your industry or know people in your industry who can lend a helping hand. And when the time comes, make sure to return the favor.

[See How to Approach an Informational Interview.]

3. Get informed. Informational interviews are invaluable—they give you an instant connection to someone in your desired field or at your desired company, they give you an opportunity to get important questions answered, and most importantly, they help you stand out as a potential candidate. Contact companies in your prospective new city and ask for an informational interview; if you can, make a trip to the city for the interview, or ask if you can do it over the phone or Skype. Prepare a list of questions, and make sure to thank the person for their time.

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