Nurse Tech/Tuition Payment

The Tuition Payment Program offers to pay up to $2,600.00 towards the final two semesters (or three-quarters) of senior level nursing students. Nurse Technician (Year-round) and (Summer) programs In the “year-round” program, we offer flexible hours with commitment of 16 hours per month on an evening, night, holiday or weekend shift. The “summer” program is designated for 20 hours per week during summer break. Exit interviews will be completed at the end of the program. Written requests to return the next summer will be accepted.

Amount Awarded: $2600

Number Awarded:

Eligibility: Selected candidates will be interviewed by Nurse Recruiter and Director of Nursing/Patient Services. Submit a letter from two designated faculty members recommending candidate for the program. Submit a letter from the university stating that the applicant is a student in good standing with current grade point average or an official transcript with grade point average. The student must be in a university baccalaureate nursing program. The student must have successfully completed an adult medical/surgical rotation. Must maintain grade point average of 2.8 or above. Must attend a 2-day hospital orientation. Tuition Payment Graduate at the end of the semesters (or three-quarters) paid for by the plan. Sign a contract to maintain full-time employment with Akron General Medical Center for one continuous year following graduation. Candidates who are unable to fulfill this contract will be required to repay Akron General Medical Center.

Contact Information:
Nurse Recruitment, Akron General Medical Center 400 Wabash Ave. Akron, OH 44307

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