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Opportunities Abound For the Enterprising Few
Drs. Ron and Caryl KrannichToday's international arena offers numerous exciting job opportunities for enterprising job seekers, from teaching English in some remote village of Asia to managing a manufacturing plant in Latin America. Opportunities abound for both the inexperienced and the experienced who are sufficiently motivated to seek an international job. Take, for example, new export realities for the U.S. While less than 10 percent of the U.S. economy is dependent upon exports abroad, what the U.S. actually exports is surprising to many people, including international job seekers who wish to work for a U.S. company abroad. The number one export from the United States is American culture. According to the latest figures from the U.S. Department of Commerce, as reported in the Washington Post (October 25, 1998), the United States in 1996 exported $60.2 billion in software, entertainment, and publication products:

  • Recorded music - $9.83 billion
  • Movies, television, and video - $11.58 billion
  • Computer software - $34.81 billion
  • Newspapers, books, periodicalsials - $3.96 billion

The televisions, VCRs, stereos, personal computers, and satellite dishes may be made in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, or South Korea, but what gets played or transmitted through these mediums is the music, movies, and software produced in the U.S.-dominated media empires centered in Hollywood, New York, the Silicon Valley, and Redmond, Washington. American-style multiplex movie theaters are making major inroads into countries of Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Blockbuster Entertainment now has 2,000 outlets in 26 countries. Tower Records has 70 stores operating in 15 countries. Each day McDonald's opens six new restaurants around the world. Reader's Digest is published in 19 different languages and 48 international editions for a total circulation of 48 million (U.S. circulation is 14.7 million). Cosmopolitan magazine boasts 4.5 million international circulation from 36 foreign editions (U.S. circulation is 2.7 million). Playboy publishes 16 international editions with a circulation of 5 million. And MTV now is available in more households abroad than in the United States. The list of major U.S. international players, from Time Warner, Walt Disney, MGM-UA, and Paramount to Microsoft and the Planet Hollywood restaurant chain goes on and on. A parallel business infrastructure to support these operations-architecture, advertising, accounting, distribution, public relations, marketing, sales, graphic art, and technical support-generates thousands of exciting jobs both at home and abroad. In the end, we may all be going Hollywood!

International job opportunities are being both created and destroyed in response to new economic and political realities. The collapse of communism and the development of independent states in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe; the emergence of an economically unified Western Europe; the development of regional trade blocs; continuing poverty in numerous Third and Fourth World countries; the realignment of the Japanese economy; the developing of massive (2.1+ billion people) consumer economies of China and India; the continuing expansion of the U.S. economic activity abroad; and the growth of travel and tourism have created unprecedented opportunities for individuals interested in finding international jobs and pursuing international careers. While the international economy may not appear healthy at present, the long-term outlook should be positive. It's really a question of when it will turn around again and experience major expansion.

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Excerpted from "Jobs For People Who Love to Travel" and "International Jobs Directory" by Drs. Ron and Caryl Krannich. Impact Publications, 9104 Manassas Drive, Suite N, Manassas Park, VA 20111, Tel. 703-361-7300, Fax 703-335-9486, E-mail: Available through Impact's on-line career and travel bookstores: and

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